Tuesday, December 30, 2008

First Blog!!

Hey Everyone! Well Meredith talked me into this!! Now I just have to figure it out!! I guess it shouldn't be that hard! Hopefully I will keep this up!!

Just to let everyone know! Baker is now 7 months old and has 7 teeth!! He is growing everyday! He is SO long and putting on a few fat rolls!! Each day he moves more and more! Which is good considering that we can't get his therapy started!!! Thanks to the state of Alabama!!

We all had a Wonderful Christmas! Baker's First Christmas!!! Wow! Hard to believe!! Santa was too good to him!! He got a Rainforest Jumping thing that hopefully will help him strengthen his legs! I think Baker is gonna be sad when all the Christmas lights all over town and our tree is gone! He loved looking at them!!!

I guess like most babies, He loved the bows, paper, and boxes much more than any of his gifts!!!