Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's Fall Yall!!!

Hello everyone! I just thought it was time for another blog! I haven't been keeping up with this like I wish i would! But with school and Baker's doctors appointments, I have been busy! We recently had to take Baker to Birmingham to the home vent clinic and while we were there we met with the GI doctor. Baker's liver enzymes have been elevated and we were worried that it might be something serious. (He set up an ultrasound that checked blood flow for us locally and we found out that everything looked ok!) Here is a picture before we got out of the car to go into Children's Hospital...
And here is a picture of us when we got to Derek's Uncle Don's house! We always have to stop and visit with Don, Val, Mickey, Kathy, Natalie, and Bentley. It's a great visit when we get to see Shane and Nicole too! But we missed them this time! They all became close family to us while we were in the hospital and couldn't have done it without them!!! This is Baker and Natalie playing...
Isn't she a doll?? She is getting so big from the first time we were there!! LOVE THEM!!!

This past weekend, mother nature decided that it was going to get COLD!!! Of course the weekend that I was going to Little Bighorn. Derek and I wanted to take Baker but it was WAY too cold for him. But Sunday after church we decided that we wanted to try to get a fall picture of Baker... it didn't work out that well! We will try again soon!!! Maybe try for a family picture next time!
We also had my nieces and nephew over this past Thursday and Friday! Baker loves when they are here cause the house is so loud and always something going on!!! Here are a few pictures from the day! We played lots of games and colored and painted and went outside to play basketball... lots of fun!!

I also wanted to show off my new decal on my tahoe... I LOVE it!!! Derek and I designed it and gave it to a guy in town that Derek was doing some work for. He does decals for large trucks... He had it for us the next day and even put it on the car for us! I am so proud of it!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Itchy Back

Crazy title... I know, but Derek and I were so proud of how far Baker has come with his movement and we wanted to share! He has made leaps and bounds with his therapy! And we are so proud of him!!! He has learned that he can push his back up and we will scratch it for him...
Well Last night he was talking and scratching up a storm! And we wanted to share! I hope you enjoy my sweet little boy!!!
I have a video but it was taking forever to upload and I am getting ready to take KK to the Troy game! You will have to check back for an update of his appointment in Birmingham tomorrow!!