Friday, March 20, 2009


Hey!! I know it has be a while since I updated last. My bad! I'm not too good at keeping a blog up to date! But I will try to get better! Baker is now 10 months old and he is talking up a storm! Dadadadada and Nanananana... What about Mama?? : ) Oh well, that will come!! I am just so happy to hear him talking since we were so unsure about that.

We have decided that we have to get Baker a new car seat... he is WAY too big for his infant carrier. He weighs 22 pounds. We just never really got any use out of his infant seat... For 5 months he was in the hospital... We are trying to decide if we are gonna keep it or get rid of it... since we are still unsure about future children. Of course we want more but we don't want to go through this again... At least Baker still fits in his stroller. We took him for his first real stroller ride the other day and he LOVED it!!! He was kicking his legs and stayed awake for the whole ride... He looks so big in the stroller.

I guess since I am updating everyone I need to include Harley... She is getting so big Very fast!!! But she is a good dog. And minds me well!!! She is just so jealous of everyone's attention!!!