Thursday, November 12, 2009

Halloween Time

I know this post is a little late but I did want to share with you! This was Baker's first year to dress up for Halloween! Last year we had just came home from the hospital and we just dressed him in a pumpkin shirt with black pants! He was still a cute pumpkin...
This is at Westview Baptist Church. They do a trunk-or-treat every year and we were itching to get Baker out!!!
This year, instead of our church giving out candy at church, the city of Opp decided to do a Kid Fest and had people set up stations in the parking lot to give out candy. Derek and I volunteered to give out candy for the church for 30 minutes. So I decided that we should dress up with Baker! So... Meet the Rubbles... Betty, Barney, and Bam Bam!
We never got a good picture of Baker's costume, oh well... but you can see it a little better in the next picture of Derek and Baker! We worked on these costumes one weekend. So needless to say, you could tell that they were made!! And plus we didn't account for the cold front that came through! So we had to go get long shirts and sweat pants. I bought 2 leopard print blankets and used one as a shawl and covered Baker up with the other!
We also wanted to get a picture for the fall time, And this is the best that we got! I really want to get outside with Baker, maybe this weekend, and take some more pictures of him in his fall colors! I love this time of the year!! The cooler weather, giving thanks, family time, and Christmas is right around the corner!!
While I am here, I want to share that we recently celebrated my Grandmother's 86 birthday! She is such an inspiration to me and I wish that it was easy to get to her house so that she could love on Baker like she did me growing up!! I just wanted to share a few pictures from her birthday party!
Mom and Grandmother

Grandmother and a FEW of her great grandchildren... along with a few extras! : )

Grandmother talking to Baker!

I love this picture of J.W. and Baker! J.W. is such a cutie!!

And last but not least... this is all of my mom's grandchildren!! I had a better picture but I guess I didn't choose it to upload! Oh Well!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Well we had a blast making our costumes this year!!! But we did wait till the last minute to get them all done!! I never really did finish mine, but oh well!! They turned out cute considering that we have NO sewing experience!! *S*We were the Rubbles from The Flintstones. We even had a costume for Harley, our dog. But she never got to be Dino! It was so cold that night and we didn't account for long sleeves and sweat pants so we had to do some last minute shopping!!

Baker loved playing with the witch that we have! It was colorful and she loved her hat! *S*

Later we decided to sit Baker up. He loves sitting up and watching cartoons! I can't believe how big he is and how much he has accomplished in the past year! He amazes me everyday!!!

I have more pictures to post and will do so later! We have had a busy weekend with Halloween, Kidfest, Baby Kaidi's shower, and my Grandmother's Birthday!!! So I will upload later!!!