Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

This past year has been the hardest year by far for Derek and I!! The beginning of 2008 was good for us. We were expecting our first child on May 30, we had saved up some money to start looking for a house, and bought us a larger vehicle. Things were good! On May 13th Baker was born and we were expecting to hear him scream and for him to be perfect but things just didn't work out that way. He was born at 4:16 pm and by 9:30 that night he was loaded up and being flown to Birmingham's UAB hospital. They was the hardest thing that I have ever done was watch them take my child away from me while I was stuck there in Dothan. I was so scared of what the future looked like for us and so mad that God was putting us through this. All I heard while I was trying to sleep was our neighbors little baby screaming and the daddy singing to that baby... I tried not to cry because my mom was with me and I wanted to be strong. And I knew that God was with us, and he was not going to forsake us!!!

The next day was the start of a long journey for us as a family!!! Baker went through months of test, blood work, surgerys, and ups and downs, but thankfully he was a trooper and made it through for Derek and I. (And thanks to Derek for all his help and support. Expecially when I was in the hospital with my gall bladder for a week. He was going back and forth from hospital to hospital. And took tons of pictures and videos for me to look at. I don't know what I could have done without him!!) Now we are home for the second time and things are wonderful... We still have to deal with equipment and germs, and things that most people wouldn't even have to worry about. But Baker is an easy baby. He sleeps all night. And he is never fussy!!! And the best thing is that we are still at home thoughout this cold and flu season... so far!!! Every doctor told us that we would probably be back in the hospital during this time... But Baker likes his home better : )

We have big plans for 2009. Hopefully a HOUSE!!! We need more space for sure!! But that will be another challange in itself. Having to find a house and make sure it can be adapted for a wheelchair. But it should be fun!!! I am so thankful for this past year even though it has been hard at times. God has truly blessed us and enriched our lives greatly with this little boy!!! We have been through alot and seen alot worse. We have made lots of new friends that we met in the hospital and see at clinics. And we will forever be part of the Children's Hospital family!!

Happy New Year!!!