Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Mitchell Update!!!

I thought that lots of things have been going on other than Easter so I would post another blog that is full of everything!!! Lets start by telling you that Baker went to his First Rattlesnake Rodeo with his daddy!!! Derek said he did good but wasn't loving the sun being so bright. And everyone kept telling Derek that his nose was running (it always is running)
Also, Baker got his new big boy car seat!! He loves having the room! But we have to watch and make sure his head doesn't bounce in there. We got a lime green one because that is the color for muscular dystrophy... Baker has a form or MD. Baker's is called Myotubular Myopathy. (We hope to do a fund raiser during the summer to help fund research for different types of MD.)This next picture is just one of my favorite pictures... Derek is of course on the xbox, but this time he is holding Baker. Baker is loving it. He kept saying "Dadadadada" to get Derek's attention.This next picture is a funny story... I was holding Baker on evening and he saw a white stick sticking out of my mouth and kept trying to grab it until finally he ripped it right out of my mouth... and stuck it in his. Now Baker doesn't eat from his mouth so it was funny because he wouldn't let me take it away from him!!! We got video as well!!! These next few pictures are from Home Vent clinic... In Birmingham at Children's. This is the longest clinic and we get bored. So we have to pack lots of things and toys to keep Baker occupied. Luckily there is a tv in the room and I took this why he was watching cartoons!!!
This is a recent picture of Derek and I... well before Derek cut his hair and his beard... Now he doesn't look like a wooly booger!!! : )Notice in this one that Baker is still watching TV... I couldn't get his attention to take the picture!
After the Clinic visit we stopped to see Uncle Don and Aunt Val. I was hoping that everyone else would be there as well! I have missed them since we have been home. They became like close family! This is Natalie... She has grow SO much!!! She even gave Derek a kiss good bye this time even though he still had a beard!! (Long Story) And this is her little Brother Bentley! This was the first time that we got to see him. He was born about the time that we were getting ready to go home.
Well That is about it for right now!!! But be looking for more! Baker is about to have his First Birthday! I just can't believe it! The doctors can't either!!! He have overcome so much in his life! We love him Dearly!!!! But his party should be lots of fun!!! So check back!!!