Thursday, June 4, 2009

We are Blessed!!!

I have been down over the past month or two... just emotionally having a child with a disability is hard sometimes. I see all the other mommy's out there that get to go and do so much with there children and for us, it is a chore to load Baker and all his equipment just to go to church. I just want to feel like a real mother sometimes, you know... I just want a normal life. Used to while we were still in the hospital, if I ever was sad or feeling down, it was easy to just look next door or at the child next to Baker and think how good we have it and how Blessed we are that Baker only has a muscle disorder. But (thanks be to God) Baker has been so healthy at home that we haven't had to be hospitalized or had very many clinic visits. So finding that support has been difficult. Nobody around here REALLY understands the challenges that we face daily. But this morning while checking blogger, I noticed a friends page and did some searching and somehow ended up on a web page that had SO many children with disabilities and there blog sites, and I just went through about 15 of them. I can relate to so many of there stories with the "roller coaster" that they speak of.

I just wanted to share a few pictures of the beginning and then a few now to show how far Baker has come!

That was right after he was born... before I had even seen him.
This is our first family photo... in Birmingham at UAB RNICUStill in the RNICU
This is my Baker Man now! This is his Birthday party... I still need to post all those pictures too!!!
Now that Baker is almost 13 months old, I feel that there is more that I need to do. I plan on getting some fundraisers started, Bowling with Baker and a Golf tournament or Softball hit-a-thon. I am also going to get some Lime green bracelets that say something on them. All the money is going to go to the MDA clinic. Lime Green is sorta Baker's new color (carseat) since it is the color for Muscular Dystrophy.
We have big Hopes and Dreams for Baker. So keep praying for him as God continues to Bless him and us Daily!!!!