Monday, December 28, 2009

Looking Back and Christmas!!

I hope EVERYONE had a wonderful Christmas! As I look back on this past year I am thankful for SO many things! The main thing is that Baker has been so healthy! Yes, I am thankful for our house, and my hubby for all his hard work, plus our supportive family's, but God has really been good to us! I have had the song, "Give Thanks to the Lord... For he is Good" stuck in my head for days. I sing it all the time! I know that I have bad days and lots of times that I am down and out, but then I look at Baker and know that God has really blessed us! It has been since October of 2008 since Baker has been in the hospital! OVER A YEAR!!! That is just amazing to us... and his doctors!!!

Well I guess I will stop talking and post some pictures!!!
Baker has grown so much since last year!
Baker 2008
Baker 2009
And again! He is so BIG!!!

Me and Katelyn
This is her last year in high school! And next year I won't get to see her as much. She is going to University of South Alabama in Mobile! I am so excited for her and even more proud! She is going to be a GREAT physical therapist! She has such a heart for helping people!

My Wonderful parents! They have been TOO good to us! And I am so blessed to call them Mom and Dad!!!

Don't know if you knew it or not but this is the new hot thing! Silly Bands!!! My niece and nephew have so many!!! And got more! They are rubber bands that when not being worn, turn into shapes. Here JW is showing off all his!!

Here is the bands that Baker has!!! Destinee gave them to him! He has his own pack... for when he gets older!!
My nieces and nephew with Baker!!! They have grown so much this past year! I still remember the first time I saw the girls... dressed as a bear and cowgirl! Beautiful girls!!!