Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm Back!!!

Ok! I know I have been gone forever and I think it is about time that I start blogging again! This gives all the wonderful people that we don't see everyday a chance to read and catch up on us and our crazy, busy, but wonderful life!!! This is one of my new years resolutions... to keep this blog up! Derek and I have family that lives far away and they have been asking me to do a post. We also have some nurses and therapist that have cared for Baker that try to keep up with him!

Let me start by saying that we had a great Christmas! Baker got lots of toys and so did I!! Derek said he had the best Christmas he has ever had... he got a storage shed!!! When we bought our house, there was one in the yard but it was so raggedy, one strong wind would knock it over. And Derek has lots of tools that need a dry place to stay. Ha! Baker's biggest thing right now is books and movies so he got tons of those. It is hard to find toys for him. Not any toy will do, it has to be an easy touch toy. He like toys that he has to learn with, so he got shape sorters and puzzles. I know that he is delayed but he really is a smart child!! (Thanks to Barney... which he loves)

This is a picture of my family Christmas day! My mom really wanted a picture of all of us and now she has one. Hopefully this will be a tradition every Christmas!!

New Years wasn't anything special... I had to work at the Hospital from 5-11 and so after that I met Derek at a friends house. I did enjoy bringing in the new year with some great friends... Jackie and Wambles. So glad that they live in Opp now! : )

Speaking of great friends... we all got together and decided to have a tacky sweater party... it was a Christmas party, but since we did it in January, we didn't wear Christmas sweaters. We had a BLAST!!! Lots of great memories were made that night!!! Hopefully this is an annual thing as well!! BenJamin won the contest of the ugliest sweater. He had on a pastel women's sweater. It had women in bathing suits laying out!! HA! Hope you can see it in the pictures!! Derek, apparently looked like he should have been in Aspen by a fire. I promise that was an ugly sweater on the rack!! Guess he can just make anything look Good!! ; ) Here are a few pictures!!!
Group Shot

Me and My Boo

There are so many other things that I could post about. But I plan on making a post tomorrow about Baker and his new milestones and accomplishments, as well as recent doctors visits... so Check back!!!