Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Good and the Bad...

Well, we got so much going on these days... Between raising a family, worrying about hours we work, bills to pay, and trying to do things for ourselves, we also are moving... well, we are gonna start soon! REAL soon. We are gonna be out by the end of this month. "It" just isn't fun anymore... struggling to survive, and only wanting to do better for ourselves, but not being able to fully commit. It is hard to explain, but we want to be comfortable. SO, we are packing up and moving in with my Wonderful parents. They have plenty of room for us, and we will have a floor to ourselves. It will cut down on bills and we will hopefully be able to put money back into our savings, which was depleted when Baker was in Birmingham.

It really doesn't bother me! I am kinda excited! I hate that we have to bring the nurses and therapist into their house, but they offered and said it didn't matter to them. God Truly blessed me with Wonderful Parents!!