Monday, October 10, 2011

Team Baker...

So, Lots have been in the works for Team Baker. Finally got the Scarecrow's in the Park finished... so if you are in the Opp Area, you should check it out! Here are a few pictures...

 This is the head made from a gourd and Baker's Vent box... made from a cereal box!! HA! Had to get crafty!!!

 And this is a grown version of Baker!! HA! I thought it turned out SO cute!!! It was nice and scary late at night when I had to come check on Baker and forgot that this was sitting in the chair in at the table!! HA!!! 

 The Team Baker motto... "Ramped up and Rolling with TEAM BAKER"

The next few pictures are the scarecrow all set up at the Park!

And this is the awareness ribbon the Derek and I made! What you can't see cause of lighting is that it says Myotubular Myopathy in Lime Green.

The next project for Team Baker is Opp Fest. We are setting up a booth for people. Paint-a-pumpkin and cookies and maybe a drink. All to raise money for families with special needs children. I can't wait to help the first family!!! : )