Thursday, April 23, 2009


Well Baker's first Easter was an over all Great Day... nevertheless an exhausting day... We had places to be and people/family to see... It started off with a Bath and he loves bath time...

Then he had to see what the Easter Bunny brought him and look at his eggs... Also is a picture of his outfit... I never got a great shot with him wearing it!

Then we loaded up and off we went to Church... This next picture is a picture of Baker in his car seat wearing his bunny ears... I think he looks adorable... but his daddy doesn't like them at all!!
After church we went to Aunt Mary Anne's to eat and watched the kids play baseball in the field. Then we went to Derek's family... and it was HOT!!!! We had to find shade and I had to get him out of the stroller because he was sweating so... he started out on my lap...
Then we ended up on the ground... it was much cooler and he had fun with cousin Lexie!!!
Then we headed off to Brewton Alabama for Easter with my other side of the family... I didn't get any pictures there... sorry!!! But over all Easter was a fun day! I hope that Baker will enjoy it next year more!!!