Thursday, December 17, 2009

Not enough time in the Day... Update

Yes... That's right, There isn't enough time in the day for me to get all the things done that I want to get done and still have time for Baker and Derek. I love that we are moving into the house and getting things put in its place, but it can be stressful! I need someone to just give me thousands of dollars for curtains, blinds, picture frames that match, etc... The little things!!! But it is a process and one day it will be as close to perfect as can be! But it is VERY exciting that I/we : ) can do what we want to with our wall color and knock out walls (if we decide too) I hope to have pictures uploaded soon, Very soon of the progress so far!! My Hubby has busted his tail to get it perfect for us!

Not too much has been going on with Baker! He has been a little bit sick but nothing too bad that a little time wouldn't heal! He had a head cold. We managed to keep it out of his lungs with some chest physical therapy!

We took pictures for Christmas cards and sent them out to family. and a few friends. I promise to post pictures from that as well! We didn't get to take Baker to the Christmas parade this year. That was during the time of him being sick and it was just TOO cold!

I guess the only thing left to say is that I have decided not to go back to Troy University. I am transfering back into LBWCC to finish my associates degree and do the Digital Sonography program! I think that would be perfect for me! I have always appreciated the Medical field but since Baker was born, never wanted to deal with sickness or illnesses! Wish me luck on that! I have to get through with a few prerequisites but should be able to start in the fall!

I am also working at an Attorney's office. I really like it up here! Not as stressful as a few of my other jobs and since I know Bart and we get along so well, it has been an easy transition from being at home! I am really hoping to work my schedule around being up here at the office!!

Well I think that is plenty for now! I will have to upload pictures later but I don't have them right now with me, so check back later!!!