Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pictures...Part one

Ok... I know that I have been away from my blog for some time now... and I have to upload some pictures... but I don't have my card here at work to load them, so I am having to steal them from FaceBook! : ) I even need to upload pictures to Facebook too!!

These are pictures from our Hospital trip at the beginning of the year when we had to do a sleep study. And that ended up being a Nightmare... We had gone earlier that morning for a regular Home Vent Clinic. We do that every 6 months or so. Just to check that the vent is working correctly. But we were scheduled for a sleep study that night.

This is before the sleep study started.

Poor Baby... This is after the hooked all the wires to him. We had to wrap his head cause he loves to play with his hair while he sleeps. I was really worried that he would pull one loose and have to start over. It was a long process getting him all hooked up.

He was really tired cause it was pushing 10 oclock. But he was so uncomfortable. I finally turned out the lights and he sorta slept. It was different though cause I couldn't read the pulse ox machine. They could read it in the observation room but I couldn't.
Derek was really worried about having to stay at the hospital and be watched while he slept so I told him that it was fine with me if he went to his Uncle Don's house to sleep if we could get back early... so I was all alone... I should have NEVER offered that to him. I got NO sleep. The tech people were in and out of the room all night with their bright flashlights. They had to tweek his vent and I had to do it cause they aren't respritory therapist. I was up and down all night trying to understand what they were doing to my baby. At one point they put a piece of tape over his nose to try to get a more accurate reading on his vent. I knew that he breathes some out of his mouth and nose but I didn't know that he did as much as he did cause as soon as they blocked his upper airway, his stats dropped low! And they put him on oxygen and did a blood gas. I never realized it was because of the nose...

Anyways, the doctor was worried about changing his vent setting so much so we had to stay over night for them to watch him. As SOON as they took that piece off his nose, his stats came up to 99, 98ish and I took him off the oxygen. He was happy. Tired as all get out, but still happy!!

This is him watching a movie on the DVD player that goes in the car. A LIFE SAVER!!

It was so crazy being moved from one place to another and having to have all those people come in to get him hooked up to all his equipment cause they have to change it from our home stuff to the hospital stuff. We had 4 Doctors/Practicioners come in and the charge nurse, our CNA, Respitory therapist, Case worker, Derek, Me and Baker all in that itty bitty room!!! UGH!!! By the time everyone left and it calmed down... Baker was SO tired!!! He took a good long nap... as did I!

This was taken right before we left to go HOME!!!
I am reminded that This was our first hospitalization since we were sent home at 5 months... PRAISE GOD!!!

This is more recent... but not a great picture... Derek took a picture (on his phone) of Baker's new head rest... It is so nice!!!

Hope everyone is having a GREAT 2010... I will be back later with another Post!!!