Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day weekend and Party Planning...

Well Mother's day was this past weekend and it was an action packed weekend. Friday, I had to work at the hospital until 9 and then go over and meet our other friends to play a little "friendly" game of Catch Phrase! Needless to say, Girls Won!! AGAIN!!! ;) Well we tried not to stay too late cause Baker had a party Saturday morning. Recently, it has been hard for Derek and I to get things going in the morning... and when we have a timeline that we need to make, we are bound to be late. And late, we were... 45 minutes late! I was NOT a happy Camper!!! I HATE being Late to ANYTHING!!! Derek, on the other hand will be late to everything!! Party was so much fun and the kids had a blast! Rylee had a huge water slide and tons of Tiki stuff!! Amy and Brady did a Great Job!

After the party, we came home to wait for the rest of the family to eat and then we went swimming at Mom's. We all grilled out and just had a Great time being together! Derek and I braved the water with the kids and got in the FREEZING pool with Baker, but Baker LOVED it!!! Of course I forgot my camera...

The next morning, we went to church and eat with the other side of my family. But we weren't able to stay too late cause we had to make it to Derek's family get together at the lake. That was lots of fun! The weather was perfect. It was warm, but with the wind, it wasn't that bad in the shade! Needless to say, when we got home from the lake, we were exhausted... but unfortunately for me, I had finals and a final lab practical the next day. (Which I did pretty good on)

Well That was the recap of my weekend. I will have new post after this next weekend. Baker is having his 3rd Birthday party Friday night... I can't believe it! We have been working hard on it for a while and I can't wait to see how the party turns out!!!! Check back later!!!