Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter Day

Well, thankfully Easter day was much better than the Saturday drama!! Since Derek got the van fixed after the pulley broke, (or so we thought) we were able to enjoy our Easter Sunday!! The morning started with the Easter Bunny coming for a visit!!

Here is Baker's Basket...
As you can see, He was excited...
His favorite things were the webble wobble toys that go in the pool!!
After we did the whole Easter Bunny thing, we started getting ready in our Easter clothes! I was really excited to wear my new dress... I have been going to the gym and doing Zumba and really working on myself and I had lost 15 pounds in just the month of of April, So when we bought the dress smaller than my usual size, and it fit, I was so SO happy!!
Here is a picture of us dressed and ready for church!

And of course our family pictures...
Ok!! And one more... even though it was blurry, I really like this picture!!