Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Good and the Bad...

Well, we got so much going on these days... Between raising a family, worrying about hours we work, bills to pay, and trying to do things for ourselves, we also are moving... well, we are gonna start soon! REAL soon. We are gonna be out by the end of this month. "It" just isn't fun anymore... struggling to survive, and only wanting to do better for ourselves, but not being able to fully commit. It is hard to explain, but we want to be comfortable. SO, we are packing up and moving in with my Wonderful parents. They have plenty of room for us, and we will have a floor to ourselves. It will cut down on bills and we will hopefully be able to put money back into our savings, which was depleted when Baker was in Birmingham.

It really doesn't bother me! I am kinda excited! I hate that we have to bring the nurses and therapist into their house, but they offered and said it didn't matter to them. God Truly blessed me with Wonderful Parents!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vent Camp 2011

First off, let me just say that this was a vacation that Derek and I desperately needed!!! But not only for the rest and relaxing atmosphere that we were in, but also to meet other families and children who go through the same thing as we do each day. It was neat to see all the different wheelchairs, and communication devices. We heard storied about children weening themselves. (Weening is a term used when we try to take them off the vent for periods of time.) Most of the children, with a few exceptions, are able to be off the vent for hours during the day, some are only on the vent at night. That is our goal!!

We left Thursday afternoon when Derek got off work. We were hoping
to make it there for supper that evening so we could socialize, but due to our constant tardiness... that didn't happen!! : ) We did make it there when everyone was leaving for the pool. So we unpacked and made our beds, got on our swimsuits and off we went to the pool! He had a BLAST!!!! As soon as we got to the pool and walked in the gate, he started smiling and kicking and flapping his arms! He couldn't wait! We got him and us all set and ready to get in! I sat on the bottom step and let him rest on my knees and he played and splashed for 2 hours!! Needless to say when we got him back to the cabin and dressed for bed, he was out in 10 minutes! Great sleep!!

I wanted to share a few pictures...

These next few pictures are from the first full day we were there. The AVS ( I THINK) came for the kids to do arts and crafts! We were worried that Baker wasn't going to do well and pitch a fit cause he hates having nasty hands... and finger paint is a No No! But I guess since he had the sponge brushes, he loved it!!
Baker and his new friend Corey!
This is him making his Bubble gum dot! Everyone got to make a gumball! Thought this was a cute idea!
Getting ready for the boat ride...
Baker's First Boat Ride... HE LOVED IT!!! He wasn't a fan of the wind in his face, but he loved it!!

The night after the boat ride, was Karaoke Night! This was Tye and his family getting things started!!
Listening to the singing!!
The next day they did a carnival for the children. Most got their face painted, but not Baker! He hates to have his face dirty so he kept pushing the hand away!! So instead we let him wear the clown hat!! Cute huh?? ; )
And of course the clown nose!! : )There are more pictures that I want to post of the parade that they went on... That will be in part 2!! I need to go to the gym! I have lost 30 pounds in 2 months and I want to keep it going! I feel so much better about myself and I need to meet my goal for our Anniversary!! Only 17 more to go and I have less than a month! I better Kill it at the gym!! ; )