Monday, September 5, 2011

Baker's First Beach Trip

My number one goal as Baker's Mommy is to allow him to do all things that he would do if he was a healthy 3 year old, running around with no MTM (myotubular myopathy). And one of those things would be yearly beach trips. Family Trips... and this year we FINALLY accomplished that!! And I might add that Baker LOVED it!!! I was so surprised!

A beach trip is something that was strongly discouraged against when Baker was younger. The salty air is great for his lungs, but sand and a ventilator isn't such a great mix!! :) But we were very careful! I thought Derek was gonna go crazy watching the vent to make sure it didn't touch the sand!! HA! Needless to say, we stayed at the pool for the most part!

This trip contained LOTS of first... 
1. Baker went to his First restaurant...
Waiting for a table...
Helping Daddy decide on some food!! 
He looks so cute with his Grandy's hat!! 

2.  His first trip to the Beach
Checking out the waves! 
He HATED the sand on his legs and feet!!! 

We also had family pictures made and here are a few!

He also went Bowling for the first time... But I posted pictures of that on the last post I did about summer. Check them out!! 
But... here are a few more... Enjoy!!
 It rained the first part of the vacations, so we watched Swamp people... Baker loved it, even had an alligator in his hands!

 Dipping his hair in the water

Throwing the ball.