Monday, September 5, 2011

Vent Camp Part 2

Can't get any better than this huh? Waking up to God's Creation!! We love Children's Harbor!!! This was the back porch of the cabin we were in. In the background you can still see broken trees from the horrific storm that destroyed parts of North Alabama (Children's Harbor included) 

Well here are the other pictures that I promised from the 1st Vent Camp post. The first one is cabin that we stayed in. What you can't see is a small couch to the right of the first bed and the bathroom that is on Derek's right side. We had just got there and Baker wanted to get into the pool!

Here is my family! This was the day of the parade and everyone was getting themselves and their wheelchairs all decorated! But I wanted to take time to get us all in the picture!! Can't remember who took it for us... but Thank you!! 

 Such a cutie!!! : )

Ok, we tried REALLY hard to get Baker to let the clown paint his face, but he wasn't going to let him. Every time he brought the brush up to Baker's face, Baker would just push it away!! So I decided to paint my face instead!!! He did a Great Job!!!

Here is Baker all decked out and ready for the parade!! Woody in tow! 

This is the end of the parade, but it is where Derek was standing to take the pictures!! There were people standing along the way with necklaces, bracelets, and goodie bags to give us! 
This is Tye and he was the leader of the pack this year!!

And at the end of the parade, everyone gets together to take a big Group shot! Usually it is under the awning, but since the storm, there was no awning! : ) I actually think that there were a few missing from this shot. If you have me on Facebook, there is a shot with all the family's too! 

The pool was always a fun activity for Baker and the other children, but since Camp Smile-a-mile was on the other side of the harbor, we had to share the pool, so we found other ways to have fun!! This picture is the last night at the pool, We got Baker out of the pool to dry off and to keep him happy, we brought out the bubbles!! A BIG hit with all the kids!!

I really hope you enjoyed looking at all our pictures from Vent Camp! We had a Wonderful time!!! And can't wait to go back!! 

Also, while I am talking about Vent Camp, I would like to thank all our family and friends that bought Team Baker shirts!!! I sold over 100 and was able to take a nice check to Kara (lady that does everything for Vent Kids of Alabama) to help foot some of the expenses that she put forth to allow families like ours a Great Vacation! So, THANK YOU!!! We will do more next year!!