Thursday, April 22, 2010

Did you know...

Ok... Since I have been TERRIBLE at blogging lately, I figured it was about time to get started again! A few of my friends have done this and I thought it would be neat to do it too... I wonder how many you already knew?!?!?

1. My mom was told the whole time that I was a boy... SURPRISE!!! Andrew turned into Emily!

2. I was supposed to have a speaking part in the Cinderella play that we did in preschool, but the thought of that scared me to tears!!! I enjoy being the wall flower!

3. I can't stand to hear parents complain about their children. I wish they could put their-selves in my shoes for a day. (Not really. I wouldn't wish this upon anyone!)

4. I have lots of friends, but my only best friends are my husband, Mom and Sister.

5. When I was little, I had a problem with my Achilles being too tight. Since I wasn't going to be a runner or gymnast, mom decided on no surgery. Thank you mom!!! : )

6. I love to go out to eat with my husband because he is a GREAT tipper. I love to make servers feel good when we leave them a very nice tip!!! I remember one time leaving someone over $30 tip for Derek and I!

7. The hardest thing for me to come to grips on is that I can't become a mommy like everyone else. It can't just happen for us and us be surprised and happy. I still wish on a star for a miracle!

8. I still laugh to this day, when I think of a certain adult sticking her tongue out at me!! HA!!! Grow up!!!

9. I have a fear of bridges... When I was in the band on a trip to march in the parade in Mobile, I got in the floor board of the charter bus because we went across a bridge and the driver was terrible!!!

10. Thinks that it is neat to have Baker's nurse be a good friend! And even cooler that her daughter and my niece are good friends!!!

11. I am a terrible back seat driver... Ask my husband! : )

12. I still struggle being around kids Baker's age, or pregnant people. I know that is crazy, but that is me.

13. I am a Christian, but I also speak my mind. Especially when you talk about my family. Recently, people need to get their facts straight before opening their mouths.

14. The last one leads me to say that I can't stand when adults talk about children. Grow up... no wonder kids are the way they are these days!!!

15. I have never broken a bone! Several sprained ankles and tendons. I remember thinking how cool my friend Kristen was cause she had a pink cast and a purple cast!! Ha!!

16. I was at church camp one time when Elba flooded and we lost all power and the boys cabins flooded. One of the boys feel off the top bunk when lightning went through the cabin and he had a huge goose egg on his head! I think Meredith was with me.

17. I used to have a two toned purple room with silver swirls and marbles hot glued to my walls! Also about 25 cardboard framed pictures on my wall!!! I thought my mom was going to kill me and Leigh!!

18. Used to have a dog named Mick-Dog. He was the family dog. I think everyone of the aunts and uncles and grandparents ownded him at one point or another!

19. I have to get on facebook everyday!!! If not, I feel like I don't know what is going on in the world!!

20. I often daydream... Usually that I have lots of money and I am thinking of the perfect charity to donate to! (Maybe one day!!!)

21. I have designed a t-shirt to sale to raise money for my son Baker, But haven't had them made yet...

22. I used to stay at my grandparents house when I was younger instead of going to daycare, and one time Jenny Linton, Drew Mims, and I were climbing in a tree and got stuck there for hours cause a "big, mean" dog was barking up the tree at us. We all thought my Grandfather was an angel when he came walking up to the tree to get us!!!

23. I like to write- poems, stories, letters- whatever it is, I enjoy being creative!

24. I can honestly admit that I can not cook. Well I can cook, but only by recipe! My husband is a much better chef than me!!!

25. And last but not least... I enjoy my life. Sure there are things that I wish I could change... but then again, would I? I have grown and matured over the last 2 years more than I ever expected. God has allowed me and Derek to grow together in a way that most will never understand. We have been faced with challenges and very dark days, but we have over come those valleys and are much better because of them. I remember begging and pleading with God in those first few months of Baker's life. Praying that I could be the mommy that Baker needed to help keep him home and healthy. God has allowed me feel the depression but he has also allowed me to feel the compassion of my family! I can remember talking to Gordon- pastoral at Children's Hospital- about how people deal with pain and sickness alone. I am so glad to know that no matter what- God has blessed me with such a wonderful family- and church family!!!

I hope that you enjoyed reading these!! I have enjoyed doing this and reminiscing over my life! If you are my friend or family- thank you for all the memories that we created!!! There were so many more things that I could have talked about- from slumber parties, to dances, and skating rink trips!!! HA!!! Fun times!!!