Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Weekend So Far...

Saturday morning we woke up around 7 for Derek to get ready and go to his moms to work on her bathroom. She has been staying with us for over a week while Derek completely gutted her bathroom and plumed the whole house. He is almost close to finishing and I am READY!!!! I miss him cause he works his normal job and then stays gone for hours working at her house. So I don't feel like I have seen him in about 2 weeks!! : ( And plus I am ready to have my house to just us again! Anyways, usually unless I have something to do, I go back to sleep once he is gone. Just about the time I went back to sleep, I woke up to the power going out... Great!!! Not a big deal for most people (just a matter or inconvenience) but for us, Baker's life depends on electricity!!! Apparently a transformer blew and we had to wait for that to be fixed. After alarms going off and Baker fussing cause he was woken up, I just got on up. I went to the tanning bed for a few minutes that morning and when I got home, I started getting ready for the Fish Fry with Derek's family. We had SUCH a good time with them! Baker was in a good mood and lots of family there to see and talk to. We stayed there for a few hours and then we had to leave for Brewton. My family was having an Easter get together at my Aunt and Uncles house. We loaded up in the van and almost immediatly, Baker went to sleep. He was SO tired!! On the way, something popped under the hood of the van and I heard Derek say from the front of the van, "Crap" Apparently some kind of tension pulley broke and it wasn't allowing the belt to turn so therefore, we had no air, little battery charge, no power steering, and the van was overheating. Ugh... We didn't know what it was until we got home. Yes, we had to turn around and come on home. If we turned the van off, it wasn't going to come back on. Then we would have been stuck. So once we pulled up to the house and got Baker inside and hooked up, Derek went back outside to look under the hood of the van. In the process of taking stuff off to see the belt, he cut his finger pretty bad. So after washing, peroxide, and covering it up... he went back to work and fixed the van. So at least it is fixed, but we missed our family Easter... And one more thing... since I know how our dog it about getting into things, I am pretty good at putting food and stuff in cabinets and off the counter. She had gotten pizza boxes off the counter and eatten all the food, got scraps out of the garbage, food off plates, etc. So this morning, I made sure that I put up the easter baskets... I put Bakers on the computer desk and didn't really worry about it because there was no food in it. But Derek's Basket was nothing but candy. Sure enough, she knocked down the basket off a shelf in the closet and got a hold of all the candy... Out of 9 eggs filled with jellybeans, 14 Reece cup pieces, 8 snickers, 4 cadberry eggs, there is only 3 eggs with jellybeans, 4 Reece, and 1 snickers left... the whole box of peeps are still there.

Overall, it was a very upsetting day... with the exception of about 4 hours. Makes me frustrated cause life just seems to be so hard for us these days... Ugh!!!

HOPEFULLY we will be sharing some good news tomorrow! Lord knows, I need a good day after the terrible day I had today!!