Monday, September 5, 2011

Where did Summer go???

 This summer has been a busy, busy summer for the Mitchell's. It all started with Vent Camp at Lake Martin. Baker's first vacation! And I might say that he loved it! So did his mommy and daddy :) We enjoyed meeting all the families with a child on a ventilator. 
This is a picture of Baker and a few of his new friends after the Big Parade!!! 

Then from Vent camp, we had to get home and settled in cause it was then time to pack up the house and move out! UGH... did I mention that I HATE moving??? It is amazing how much stuff you accumulate in such a small space! Needless to say, that took up the majority of our time. Also, throw VBS in there too! 
 This is Baker in class... He wasn't wanting to color that night... So he threw his stuff on the floor...
 VBS 2011

One of my goals is for Baker to be able to enjoy all that life has to offer! And I meant that Baker was going to VBS even if I had to take him myself. (Derek had to work during the day and when he gets home... he is worn out, so that is why it was me.) Now, I know what you are thinking... But it is so hard to take him anywhere by yourself! Thankfully we just live a road away from church! : )

July 2nd was Derek and my 6 year anniversary and since we were going to the beach in the next few weeks, we just decided to go out to eat in Enterprise at Ruby Tuesdays... My favorite!! : ) Then since we were short handed at work, I offered to fill in some of the slots. (Saving up for the Beach) And on July 15, we packed up our van and loaded Baker up and we were off to the Beach! It was Baker's first trip, but also, it was the first time that Derek and I got to go with the family to the beach since he was born!

Unfortunately, we didn't plan good enough cause we assumed our room would be ground level... and it wasn't. Poor Derek had to pull Baker up all the steps every time we took him out of the room...
But he was a trooper and got an arm work out in the mean time!! HA! Make sure you check back to see lots of pictures from the beach trip! We had a Wonderful time!

This summer was a summer with lots of First for Baker:  First Boat Ride, First Vacation, First zoo Trip, First time to the Beach, First Restaurant, First time Bowling, First Camp, and we hope Baker will get to continue to experience all that life has to offer him! God has REALLY blessed my life with Baker, and I know that he has blessed others too!  Please continue to pray that God will continue to use Derek and me as an Advocate for special needs children. We really have a passion to help others. So HOPEFULLY we will soon start a Non-profit organization called Team Baker and minister to families with special needs children.