Thursday, September 17, 2009

Baker's First Birthday!!

Yes... I know that I should have done this a long time ago but just recently I have had time to actually blog. I have so many things to post on here!! So just bare with me as I post some things that I should have already done!!!

Well Baker's Birthday was back in May and we were so blessed to have him at home that we had a big party! Lots of family and church friends came to celebrate Baker!

This is the goodie bags and sign in table!!!
This is the cat in the hat cut out that my Hubby made!!! He did a good job!!

This is the cake table... before we got it all good and ready!! : )
Baker was checking out his cake and balloons!!!Derek's cousin's little boy dressed as Cat in the Hat and agreed to some pictures!!

LOTS of people... There was around 80 people there!!!

We had 2 blow up jumpy things that were inside and that was a BIG hit!!! All the kids loved it! And instead of gifts we had a money jug for people to donate to the Homewood Church that gave us a place to stay while we were in Birmingham!

This is the sign in board that we asked people to sign. We are going to make Baker a Dr. Seuss room and this is going to be on the wall!!!