Monday, September 7, 2009

Baker's New Ride!!!

Well we have had Baker's new chair for a while but with the flu going around we have not been able to get him out and about! But we did take him to the football game... Well we were able to stay for the first quarter then we had to leave since it was about to storm. I hope the next home game, which is homecoming, will be better! We are gonna go early and get on the track and park!Here he is in the chair. We love it... but we do need a different headrest for it. He has gotten brave with his head, which we love, but we have to watch his head!!!
Here is a close up, but not a good one! He was so sleepy and the flash on the camera was bright!

I just wanted to brag our new chair! I forgot to mention that this is just one to use until his chair comes in! It was so nice of them to remember us when someone donated this chair back to the company!!! It make life easier! Now we just need a wheelchair accessible van!!!