Saturday, September 19, 2009

Baker's First Parade

Baker got to experience his first parade this week... He was home during the Christmas parade last year... but it was too cold and we were really worried about him getting sick that first year. So what better way to start his pride for the Bobcats with the Homecoming parade!!

Here he is waiting for the parade to start... It was getting hot out there!! So he was about to get fussy!! Plus it was time for him to eat!!
Finally it started and Baker loves the band... so he woke up when they came by!!! He loves to hear music and dance... well his version of dancing!!! I need to post a video of him dancing... soon!!

That is his Nana clapping and dancing with him!!
This is Baker's Aunt KK, my little sister. She was on the homecoming court!! She was so beautiful! Baker loves her so much!!! He smiles if he just hears her talking!
We tried to keep his Daddy's hat on him to block the sun but he still was having trouble watching with the sun in his eyes!

Needless to say, after the parade, he was so tired! It didn't take very long for him to end up this way!!