Friday, September 25, 2009

Baker's haircut!!

I just realized that I never posted pictures of Baker's first haircut! I waited til he was over a year old! At his birthday, his hair was so long!!! But I waited cause his daddy wanted us to! But finally... here are a few!!!

He was glad that it was over!!
Here is the Final Product!!!
But I guess I am a bad mom, cause we waited till his hair looked like this...
and like this...
... till I got his hair cut! (I know I am a bad Mommy) but it is SO hard taking him anywhere without Derek. And he works all the time! Literally, ALL the time! But Finally I made the appointment and told Derek that he wasn't going to work then, cause he had to help me! But here is his new haircut...Now he looks like a BIG boy! And I don't love that! : ) Just to let you know, we took him for his check up and he was 29 pounds and 36 inches, yes, 36 inches, long!!! My BIG boy!!